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Parent Support Group
Help for parents with children with special needs

Parent Support Group is a not-for-profit organization created and organized by a concerned parent that was interested in families with children who have special needs in September 2003. She explored the availability of resources, support, and information within our community and found that all could benefit from an organized group. This would be a group with a parent to act as a liaison for children, families, schools, districts, and organizations to assist in accessing resources.

The Vision
The vision of the group is to reach out to all constituent groups. We hope to create a geographical and educational community that embraces the inclusion of all types of students and help facilitate inclusion for those who face challenges in this arena.

What We Offer

  • Education and information to students, families, community, schools, districts and organizations about the inclusion of students who may have social, physical, mental, or other disabilities. This will help to strengthen the understanding of inclusion of these students, and will allow us to build the community within our school and neighborhood.
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